Mobile Marketing and Your Business Advantage


If have tried spend any time and money advertising your business in the newspaper, yellow pages, pay per click or just online and offline, then you know it can be expensive and very competitive. What if there was a way you can generate better results than all those other marketing channels and have the unfair advantage for your company advantage? Is that something you might be interested in? If so, keep reading.

The way and solution is through mobile marketing or advertising. Why do I say that? Because of some interesting facts generated from New York Times, USA Today, Wireless Industry Trade Group and other reputable sources…

*Texting is now the #1 use for mobile phones – more than calls, emails, games, web-surfing and social media combined.

*97% of all text messages sent are read. 90% read in first fifteen minutes.

*91% of cell phone users carry their cell phones with them all day long.

*3. 5 billion texts tend to be sent daily in the united states alone.

*More compared to 80% associated with cell phone customers keep their own phone with these all day long!

*72% of all age groups of cell phone users text actively.

*97 % regarding worldwide business owners not on the mobile marketing train yet which is a huge advantage for you as a client right now.

*99% of local business owners have NO CLUE how to fill the “advertising gap” that’s digging their particular stores deeper into a hole every day and not using cellular marketing however.

*Text messages enjoy 5 times more of an open rate as compared to email offers.

*100 times higher response rates when compared with newspaper and yellow pages ads.

*Generates reaction rates 2 to 10 times higher than Internet display advertisements.

*Proven to have 5 times more the sales conversion rate than all online advertising.

With these fact and the right advertising added to your organization, you can experience results like never before and for the better return on marketing dollars because of the fact of generating better qualified responses as well as results. Now a lot of company owners who did know about using it in this way, never pursued it mostly because of the higher costs often found.

Often a portable marketing agency or mobile phone marketing organization charges companies set up fees, texting expenses, mobile keyword costs(which will touch on in a minute), and contracts and cancellation fees running in the thousands. Plus, long waits on top of all that by as much of 60 to 90 days. Who wants to pay and also wait that much for business.

Right now, if you find the right mobile marketing and advertising company, then they will not charge you any of those things and even allow you to have your own mobile phone keyword. A mobile key word is like your own texting website address almost. For example , if own a restaurant and your business name is Joe’s Pizza, then they could text joes pizza to a 3 to 5 digit number and be able to receive special offers, sales, coupons, promotions, contests, surveys, or even anything else, instantly.

You could be a realtor and textual content house to number x and they receive open houses, new house alerts and so on. Maybe a daycare and want to send out parent alerts? A gas station, a dentist, electronic store along with anything else. This is perfect for any business that deals with clients in their business offline. Any niche in addition to business can benefit from mobile promoting.